Wednesday, 30 December 2015


    Short Interview

       About me         

I grew up in Derbyshire UK where I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in July 1992.
I felt the call of the Lord to the music ministry whilst attending bible school.
I enjoy praise and worship, writing and co-writing songs with family and friends.
Music is a powerful way to preach the gospel and share the love of Jesus.
I'm currently Recording an Album at the 3 Chronicles Studio Wembley London
just finished the EP-(You're Real) 
I hope to finish the rest of the album before end of spring 2018

Lorna Green

 Lead Vocals: Lorna Green

Backing Vocals: Hayden S Alleyne and Lorna Green-
(Praise Thy Name)

Record Artist: Shane Brown-
(You're Real)

Produced by: Stuart Green 3 Chronicles Studio

Guitar: Record Artist -Floyd Paris-(Praise Thy Name)
Your Real Remix- KnE Production Team

Vocal Arrangements: Gary Dixon-(praise Thy Name)

Flute: Stephen Green-(Praise Thy Name)

Graphic Design: Stephen Green

Executive Producer: Lorna Green

Songs written by Lorna Green and Stuart Green

Music Arrangement: Stuart Green

Photography: Joel Buckland

You're Real-EP

To Purchase EP Click Link


Praise Thy Name